Trang - Patient Walker

Before finding out I was pregnant, I was a full time student going through a very rough relationship with my ex. I had recently been in the hospital for suicidal thoughts and found myself desperately seeking help. I wasn’t planning on keeping my child. I cried because we were not trying to get pregnant and I knew that we would not be able to “make it”.

When I first came to CPC's Keim Center, my advocate and the nurse were very kind and did not judge me. I felt like they genuinely wanted to help. There were many times throughout my pregnancy that I considered both abortion and adoption. I was afraid I couldn’t love a baby, but I also knew I was too selfish to place my child up for adoption. At my initial appointment, I had the ultrasound and ultimately, I connected with my daughter when I saw her and her heartbeat on the screen.

However, after leaving that same appointment, I was still considering abortion. My circumstances had not changed. Things with her father were not in a good place and I was afraid of the unknown. I remember having scheduled an appointment to have an abortion right at the gestation cut-off date. When I arrived, I couldn’t go through with it because I couldn’t get the ultrasound image out of my head. That was my baby on the screen.

During my pregnancy, I kept in contact with my advocate and through her received a lot of support. The Keim Centers offered me so much help when I needed it most.

I gave birth to my healthy and beautiful daughter, Emersyn, on July 24th. I love her smile, scent, personality, and absolutely everything about her. My favorite thing about being a mother is that there's this child who will love me forever and that I get to watch her grow into a young woman. She gives me so much motivation to do well in life; she makes me a better person.

If you cannot participate in CPC’s Walk for LIFE as a fundraising walker this year, please consider supporting Emersyn and I as we Walk for LIFE. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you!

Funds raised: $2,841 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Barb Patton : $25
A joy to see God working powerfully through you for his glory and our flourishing. Peace and grace in abundance to you and all that are serving!!
Jeanne McSweeney : $1,000
Anonymous : $25
God loves you and your baby so much Trang. God bless you for being such a strong woman and inspiration to choose life!
Anonymous : $100
Anonymous : $25
Women deserve SOOO much more than abortion. I've recently had a child and it made me realize how essential it is to physically support one another in parenthood. You CAN do this :)
Jack Davis : $25
Beth Fox : $10
Jenny Reed : $50
Well wishes for all your future endeavors. God Bless!
Anonymous : $200
Timothy Persons : $50
Rose Dwyer : $10
Rose Dwyer : $10
Anonymous : $25
Your story touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it.
Todd and Stephanie Cook
Melissa Wellington
Donna Duggan
Christine Egnor : $100
God bless you.
Anonymous : $50
Your story is beautiful! Our family has been able to participate in the Walks each year but were not able to this year. It is our honor to give this pledge to you. God bless you!
Anonymous : $100
Anonymous : $15
Anonymous : $150
Nancy Allison : $25
Anonymous : $25
Anonymous : $100
Lisa Lee : $200
Thank you for your time and contribution to the center. A beautiful ending and a beautiful baby girl.