Rebekah Hitchcock

Thank you Hitchcock family and friends for visiting my fundraising page! 

Come back often to see my progress!  God bless you all!

The funds raised directly support pre-born babies and their moms and dads. Imagine the lives that could be saved! All funds benefit Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater (CPC).

CPC is a non-profit organization with a mission to defend life by supporting women unprepared for pregnancy, challenging our community to adopt a Godly view of sexuality and the sanctity of all human life, bringing healing and wholeness to lives traumatized by abortion, and leading those around us to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. To learn more, visit CPC's website at

Funds raised: $2,622 of $2,000


Thank you donors
Cynthia Frey : $10
Good Job Rebekah!
Calvin Hitchcock : $10
Awesome Rebekah!!
Daniel and Patricia Hitchcock : $2
Way to go Rebekah!! We're so proud of you and Catherine!
Noah Hitchcock : $50
Daniel and Patricia Hitchcock
Crystal Spiritosanto
Dr. Sandra Fortner
John Hoxter
Crystal Barnett
Allegra Havens
Valarie Coles
Estelle Pollard
Constance Morton
Jacqueline O. Braxton
Tyrone Green
Diane King
Betsy Argauer
Anglea Breitkreutz
Lynn Wielenga : $50
What a worthwhile reason to walk and raise donations to save precious babies! We pray you surpass your goal and walk with love in your heart, Rebekah!
Alison Sykes-Fryer
Betty Hough
Rod and Lydia Gorter : $50
Thanks for raising support for the sake of precious unborn children and their parents and families who need help. We are proud of you!
Dwayne & Libby Camarigg
David Janssen : $50
Thanks for standing up for LIFE!
Robert J. Leech
Barbara Miller
Go for it Rebekah!!
Tim Martin
Becky and Jeff Brauch
Robert E. Rogers
Eric Ecklund : $50
Joanne and Kurt Nelson
Ken Westcott
Becky Herr
Shari Brinkman
Paul and Ame Michanczyk
Ben Myles : $50
Carlton L. Salmond
Genevieve Ariege : $20
Craig Hughs
Darlene Christienson
Debbie DeGroff
Vickye Parker
Tim Dryden
Wayne Smith
Margaret Elliott
Howard Knott
Myrenna Kickasola
Melinda Allen
Geraldine Sawyer
Jacqueline Kotvas
Jonathan Richards
Marlene Leech
Dixie Torrech
William L. Pon
John and Sharon Nadliki
Diana and Shawn Iman
Ginger Jumper
Dominick Hankle
Kevin and Sherry Berlin
Carolyn Kennedy
Nancy Britton
Marc Mailloux
Rev.Matthew and Younga Reitz : $20
So proud of you to stand firm for the sanctity of life, Rebekah!
Twila DeGroot : $25
Thanks for doing this Rebekah!
Rebekah Hitchcock
Robert Herron : $100
Keep up the good work Rebekah--let's all come together and insure her success!
Joan Vander Hart : $25